Utah’s exciting February

Makenna Dibble, Section Editor

Utah has had an exciting past month that no one really expected.


The first strange happening was Utah’s first snow day in nearly two decades on February 6th. Many school districts took a snow day. The districts Jordan, Canyons, Granite, and the Salt Lake are a few of them.


The snow day was a pleasant surprise, even if it was a few months late of Christmas.


Josh Slemko, a RHS senior, said, “It was alright. It’s pretty impressive, and Utah weather sucks.”


Next, Utah had a couple of earthquakes on Friday, February 15th. Measuring at around 3.8 on the Richter scale, they left an impact on everyone who woke up to it. No buildings were harmed in the shaking of these earthquakes.


Andrew Carone, a RHS junior, said, “Yeah, I semi woke up but didn’t care enough to be curious.”


Lastly, Riverton had a visitor who luckily didn’t feel like hurting anyone. A cougar, or mountain lion, came down into the Riverton/Herriman area. This caused some Herriman elementary schools to go on lockdown.  


Thankfully, a highly skilled resident of Riverton was able to catch the big cat, and call Fox 13 news, who then called DNR.


Maia Gates, a RHS senior, said, “I thought it was bizarre. It was crazy that a cougar was able to come all the way down here without getting caught before that. It was especially weird ‘cause I happened to be working as it was tranquilized behind Peterson’s.”


Utah has definitely had an exciting past month, and it might not get more than that for another long while.