Soccer tryouts to be held

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

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Riverton’s boys soccer team tryouts are scheduled to be held after school during the week of the 25th of  February.


Riverton’s soccer team is known for their hard work ethic and tenacity.


The team works hard to be the best they can be, both personally and together as a team.


While the team has struggled with unity in the past, Josh Lund, a senior at Riverton who has been on the team in previous years, explained that the team is shaping up to be far more united this year. He stated, “This year I love the sense of team we have. This year we’ve got it all figured out.” Josh continued by saying, “We have the players and the unity this year.”


Landon Droshin, junior at Riverton who also played on the team in previous years, shares Josh’s excitement for this year’s team. He stated, “It is shaping up to be a good team. I think we can do really good this year.”


To those who are interested in trying out for the team, Josh (the previously quoted senior) shared the best advice he could think of when he stated, “Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes.”


Tryouts begin after school on the 25th and are open to freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior boys.


Best of luck to all those who are trying out.