What this year’s state meet means for RHS Swim

What this year’s state meet means for RHS Swim

Chase Budge, Staff Writer

As a new year draws to a close, the Riverton Swim team’s performance at state surely sparks a new fire under the team.


After last year’s bronze performance, there was a lot of hope for the team going into the new year. Unfortunately, however, it was short lived with a measly twelfth place finish at the 2019 Brigham Young University State meet.


With the oddly anticlimactic vibe of the meet, two relays were disqualified as well as some other oddities that made their way into the mee. In fact, in the midst of the races there began a problem with the beeper that started the swimmers off.


Whitney Maxfield, sophomore, said, “I just swam the worst 200 freestyle of my life. I can’t believe that happened how it did. It was so stupid,”


To start the aforementioned fateful race, the timer misfired and one swimmer false started confusing everybody who then began to sprint their state race. Finally, after a 50 was swam, they stopped swimming and had just one heat to rest. Totally unfair.


That is crazy, but there was also an accident in the crowd. Someone’s daughter fell down concrete seats and hit her head. The situation ended up escalating to the point where the paramedics had to come, completely switching all mentalities off of races.


Coach Powers exclaimed, “It’s been a great year Riverton! I know how you all feel with the way the meet went and how it was run, but it’s okay because you guys are champions and will be right back there next year. I can’t wait!”


With that said, it is uncertain how the years to come will go for Riverton Swim.