Free bus rides to school and their effect on students

Connor Zindel, Staff Writer

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School buses have been effectively taking and picking up students from school, and have been doing all that for free since they have been built and put into service.  


Whether a student can’t drive, because of their situation or just because they are lazy and don’t want to drive, they have the option, if they live close, to just take the bus and not have to worry about it.  


The bus drivers are typically nice people just trying to do their jobs.  As long as you respect them and let them do that, there isn’t a problem.


In the winter time, or colder months, the bus is equipped with heaters and keeps the entire vehicle warm and comfortable for passengers.  In the spring and warmer months, all the windows are able to be pulled down to allow cool air from outside to come in, again, making it comfortable for passengers.


The bus has been a very simple answer to many prayers, involving getting students to school for free and getting them there safely.


During an interview with former senior Korbyn Sorenson, he had this to say, “I’ve gone to Riverton my entire high school career, and let me tell you, the bus has definitely saved me more than once.  My mom works full time and I wouldn’t have ever had a ride to school if it wasn’t for the bus. After I got my license and my first car, that all changed, but up until that point, the bus really saved me.  


To follow up this interview, Parker Hansen, also a senior at Riverton High, had this to say, “I took the bus all my sophomore year and some of my junior year.  It is honestly a lifesaver and a really easy way to get to school when I wasn’t able to any other way.


The busing system in Jordan School District is helping students Monday through Friday get to school for an inexpensive and relatively easy cost.