The State of The Union, and why it was a win for the Trump administration


Shealah Craighead

Kaden Smart, Section Editor

On February 5th, President Trump made his second State of the Union Speech (SOTU) in front of the Chamber of Congress.


His SOTU was filled with accomplishments from the military, trade, national security, economy and immigration. Best of all, they included statistics to back them up.


Trump got a standing ovation from Democratic congresswomen for his statistic about 58% of women filling the jobs that were made last year. The applause from his critics surprised Trump, he joked saying, “You weren’t supposed to do that, thank you very much. Thank you very much.”


Trump touted the job report that was released stating that over 300,000 jobs were made in January alone. That report came to a shock and broke the anticipated job numbers.


He also stated that the wage gain last year went up 2.4%, meaning people are making more money than they used to.


One of President’s guests for the speech was an 11 year old boy named Josh Trump. He gets made fun of at school because of him sharing his last name with the President. His mom said, “He said he hates himself, and he hates his last name, and he feels sad all the time.” He was spotted sitting next to Melania Trump, the first lady.


More key guests were relatives of a Nevada couple killed by an illegal immigrant, one of many families that Trump has acknowledged and consoled for being murdered by illegal aliens. He used their situation as an argument for a tougher immigration policy.


So why was this a win for the Trump administration? It had 46.8 million viewers, surpassing all of Obama’s State of the Union speeches in 2011-2016.


After the state of the union, the Rasmussen poll put Trump at a 50% approval rating. Many political scientists connect this poll to his SOTU speech.


A CBS poll found that 75% of viewers approved the views and statements by the president. A high majority, CBS also found that 82% of independent voters approved of the SOTU speech.


All these statistics show how great it was for the Trump administration. Voters like seeing results and Trump gave it to them with jobs, economy, infrastructure, immigration and trade. Especially that they are seeing more money from higher wages and tax cuts.

A key point Trump made during the address was his plan and commitment to stop the endless wars while strengthening and supporting our military, something that gathers support from both sides of the aisle. And that’s what made this speech so successful for our president, was his use of statistics and reasoning that can reach both sides of the argument. An issue that Americans are hoping to resolve in this time of division and turmoil.


While Trump was performing greatly to reach both sides of the aisle, he also kept his spine while talking about a border wall, and immigration policies. Which the viewers supported, his backbone is the reason he was voted in, and it’s good to finally see a president that doesn’t bend over to the wills of congress and bureaucracy. This SOTU speech proved that.