Juniors to take the ACT

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

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This year’s school wide ACT is fast approaching. On Wednesday, February 20th, RHS juniors will gather at the school to take the ACT.


The ACT is a standardized college entrance exam that, as was previously stated, is used by colleges and universities to determine if a student should be admitted to their school.


The ACT is a timed multiple choice test consisting of four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science.


Tests are scored by section from 0-36. The section scores are then averaged to make the final score (0-36).


The average ACT score in Utah (as of 2017) is 20.3.


This test can be retaken, but there is a fee associated with each test taken subsequent to the first.


Students who have previously taken the ACT share their advice to those who have yet to take it.


Megan McCabe, senior at Riverton, stated, “Don’t stress, and just take your time. Make sure you fill out every question, especially when time starts running out.”


Broc Stowe, senior at Riverton, shared, “Just remember numbers and letters don’t define you. No matter what score you get, you can always take the test again, and you are still a smart person! This is a test that tests your ability to take a test, not how much you know.”


Denelle Durling, senior at Riverton, shares Broc’s opinion on retaking the ACT. She said, “Retaking it is always a good idea because, after the first time you take it, you know what it is like, so you will be more prepared.”