Submit to Tabula Rasa

Submit to Tabula Rasa

Sean Christner, Assistant Editor

The Tabula Rasa is the student literary magazine overseen by Mrs. Rush in room 2622. The class is labeled Creative Writing 2 in arena scheduling.


Creative Writing 2 is a class where students practice different forms of literature. They practice creative fiction and creative nonfiction, and near the end of the year, the class puts together a literary magazine.

Tabula Rasa is not limited to students enrolled in the class. As the teacher adviser Ms. Rush stated, “we like to get submissions, and we really enjoy the photography that students turn in for the publication.” Tabula Rasa will accept a wide variety of submissions.


Tabula Rasa accepts these submissions as early as January; however, they mainly get the bulk of their content in February and March, but “we will accept things at the last minute if it is very good, we will put it in any way,” said Mrs. Rush.

Tabula Rasa is a place whose main purpose is to give artists an area where they can publish their content and as Mrs. Rush proclaimed, “it is always a great feeling to have your work published for anyone to see.” If you have something that you want to submit you can send it over to [email protected] starting January, or you can take the creative writing two class next year if you are interested.