Riverton swim makes history with back to back Region titles

Chase Budge, Staff Writer

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The 2017-18 season was very historic for the Riverton Swim team, sprinting their way to the first ever region title for swim at the school. It really shocked the state, the swimmers, and their principal who was in attendance that day to give out the medals.


With that said, coming into the new 2018-19 season, Riverton had their work cut out for them with their Herriman rivals. All season was scary for them knowing that so many little things would make the biggest difference.


As this year’s Region meet came up, the tensions were flying high as well as the pressure on every team that seemed to be a contender.


There had never been a swim team that represented Riverton that had won Region, let alone back to back. Going into that Saturday meet, every swimmer on the team knew what wanted.


For the guys, however, they were already projected to win big with how it all was panned out. “Since I put the scores and seed times in, the guys should win by 70 points over Herriman, but this is Region, so I’m not expecting anything.” Coach Powers said the week before the meet.


Now for the girls though, each year it has been projected to be a super close meet with them and the Herriman girls. With the guys having a little more leniency, it was very nerve wracking to imagine how close the girls would end up.


“Last year was so close I’m still surprised they won it, but I guess we’ll just have to see what happens this time,” replied Senior butterfly swimmer Vance Ogden.


When the meet ended the entire team was able to celebrate as the girls and boys brought home the Region trophy, forever cementing their place in Riverton Swim history.