Polarity TE to revolutionize the medical field


Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

Polarity TE is a Utah company that creates products that regenerate living tissue onto a patient.


This company has many up and coming products including: SkinTE (skin regeneration), OsteoTE (bone regeneration), CartTE (cartilage regeneration), MyoTE (muscle/soft tissue regeneration), AngioTE (capillary regeneration), NeroTE (peripheral nerve regeneration), and AdipoTE (fat regeneration).


The only aforementioned product that is currently on the market is SkinTE.


The regeneration of SkinTE is being used by many patients who have suffered from burns. The product helps the patient to grow back the skin that they lost due to their burns.


The process for the patient is simple. The patient provides a tissue sample that is sent to the company’s lab. That sample’s cells are then added to the product, and the product is sent back to the patient.


The results and reviews of this product this product show promise for the company.


Students at Riverton shared hesitant but positive opinions of the company.


McKenna Morgan, a senior at Riverton, shared that the company and new technology sounds “pretty cool”.


Isabelle Thorpe, a senior at Riverton, shared her thoughts on the company by saying, “I think that this field should proceed with extreme caution. It is good that people like those with burns can improve their quality of life, however, there is a chance that this ability could start to go down a questionable path.”