The government shut down

Sean Christner, Assistant Editor

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As of December 22nd, the United States Government has been shut down until the National Congress can pass a spending bill. The reason this shutdown has become the longest in history is due to a complicated debate over campaign promises from the president and the resistance from the opposite party.


The United States spending budget is approved by the Congress and is given out to many various places within the government. The spending budget is categorized as a legislative bill meaning that both the House and the Senate must reach a consensus before it is sent to the president. The president then signs the bill into law, and the bill is sent to the Supreme Court where its constitutionality is reviewed.


This generally moves very quickly without much of a hold up, and the government rarely shuts down for extended periods of time. There have only been three major government shutdowns in history that have lasted longer than a week.


The first major shut down was under the Clinton administration. This was the longest shutdown in American history lasting a total of 21 days. The dispute in question was over health care and the environment.


This current shutdown is being fought over the campaign promise of the border wall between the United States and Mexico. This shutdown has lasted over a month (as of publication), and it seems to be a political stand still.


With this split, many people in the country have become disconnected such as a student who wished to be named “G” who stated, “One thing that bothers me is that we did not have a back up plan in case this happens, and I don’t care anymore if any side wins just that we restart the government.”


Spencer Coleman said, “I honestly don’t care about the shutdown anymore.”