Riverton Swim to change with graduating seniors


Chase Budge, Staff Writer

Riverton Swimming is bound to change due to the variety of talented seniors on track to graduate this year.


Every year Riverton Swim has a senior meet to give appreciation and to honor that year’s seniors. This year, however, it seemed different. One reason may be that I’m a senior myself, but the whole lead up to it seemed different regardless.


Usually, with past years, it was an exciting, nostalgic, happy time watching your older friends who you’ve spent so much time with get their share of appreciation and honor and getting to be apart of that.


This year though, it was more sad. Knowing how much will change for the team and also for all of the seniors lives, being closer to them.


At the meet, during the usual break, all of the seniors for Riverton gathered together for the whole ceremony which was fun filled and happy. There were pictures taken, jokes thrown around, parents watching, and plenty of other weird swimmer things. Each senior received a poster with things written from the team about them on it as well as a purple towel with the swim team logo and their name on it. Pretty cool.


Even for the quiet people, I know the senior meet means a lot. For some, even most of them, this is their last year on a competitive swim team. That’s also why it’s so important to make sure every person is accounted for.


Along with everything, this year the seniors aren’t as fast as past years swimmers, and I’d say it’s safe to say they’re more outgoing and friendly too, so the expectations, impact from each one, and even the stigma surrounding it all changes drastically.


With that being said, it’s so important for each and everyone of them to make sure their mark meant something for the team and for future generation swimmers. Riverton Swim is, without a doubt, different than any other team.