Skills of fencing

Skills of fencing

Trairong Muensilp, Staff Writer

Fencing is an actively popular sport mainly in Russia and Italy, while in America it is growing. There is an AFL (American Fencing League), and fencing has even taken apart in The Olympics.


Imagine fencing like a sword fight, because it is a sword fight with high-end stainless steel metal known as “maraging steel”. The swords are very flexible, but also able to maintain their shape after all the bending.


It is also necessary to master the skills of swordsmanship in fencing. Although, it doesn’t just take mastering the sword. To fence, you need to be skilled in footwork, movement, and posture in order to duel with the opponent effectively.

Scoring in fencing competitions are similar to karate competitions. They both score by having legal contact, fencing with the weapon, whereas karate scores by contact of a hit.


“I think fencing is really cool, mainly the concept of just sword fighting even though it’s with a very thin sword,”  says Clark Jensen.


There are three types of swords used in fencing and they all have different strategies and methods to use them. There is the epee, foil, and the saber. Epee is the most used type.


Although there are different type of swords and strategies, they are still quite similar. The main difference is just how you handle the weapon.


It takes a lot of skill and balance in order to succeed in the sport. “Fencing sounds a lot of fun actually, it seems pretty difficult and is probably one of the harder sports to really get good at.” says a  RHS student, Thitiwan Suwannarod.