Movie review: ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

Abbey Walker, Staff Writer

Movie review: ‘Mary Poppins Returns’


“Mary Poppins Returns” is a sequel to the Disney classic “Mary Poppins,” a movie about a magical nanny appearing to take care of two young children. The sequel depicts the lives of the two original children, Michael and Jane, and their struggle through trying to save their childhood home.


One of the best things about the film is the cast. Mary Poppins is played by Emily Blunt, a British actress with a phenomenal voice. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the author of the hit broadway musical “Hamilton”, also made an appearance as the lovable street lighter Jack.


The movie was truly nostalgic for those who loved “Mary Poppins” when the original came out. It touched on many special moments that people hold dear to their heart. For example, the old kite popped up several times as a momento from Michael and Jane’s childhood.


There was also a very sweet underlying theme to the plot. It teaches that family is the most important possession.


Another amazing quality about this movie was the animation. The magic truly was brought to life with the incredible special effects.


Many people loved this movie and felt a strong connection to their childhood after watching it.


Nate Hamblin, a senior at Riverton High School, said, “It’s so good. I love Mary Poppins.” He also mentioned that “the original is just like this.”


Even people who haven’t seen the movie are excited about it.


Olivia Walker said, “I loved ‘Mary Poppins’ as a kid, and I want to see the new one so bad. It looks so good.”


Overall, I adored the movie. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loved “Mary Poppins” growing up.