‘The Office’ relates to high school students

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‘The Office’ relates to high school students

Connor Zindel, Staff Writer

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The hit television show “The Office” is still one of the greatest and funniest shows out there.  NBC first aired this tremendous series back in 2005, but it’s still relatable to this day.


Whether or not someone has seen the NBC hit of a show before or not,  it doesn’t matter. They can still relate to it. The show includes multiple attributes similar to the high school experience.  


The character Michael Scott is immature, disrupting, and just simply childish personality. He describes most sophomores and the atmosphere they bring into a new, large high school. They feel the need to be accepted, and they don’t quite know how to act as adults yet.


Parker Hansen, a senior at Riverton High, shared, “I have honestly never thought about this comparison, but, now that I have, I can’t stop making these connections!”


The character Jim Halpert, with his constant efforts to flirt, relates to almost anyone, especially in high school. Just walking down the halls at school you are constantly seeing this whether they realize they are doing it or not.


The character Dwight Schrute, with his witty comments and always feeling like he has something to say relates mainly to the smart/know-it-alls that feel like the world will stop if they don’t correct that microscopic fact that they heard wrong.


Talin Allred, another senior at Riverton High, said, “I love watching ‘The Office’. It’s one of the greatest shows ever made.  I’m constantly watching it, and I’m always making these connections whether or not I’m consciously thinking about it.”