Book review: Shattered Snow


Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

Shattered Snow is an intricate and fascinating novel written by Rachel Huffmire (a Riverton High School alumni) that combines a Snow White retelling with a time traveling escapade.


The novel follows the three main characters Keltson (The Mirror), Lilia (The Queen), and Bianka (Snow White) through different times, trials, and tribulations.


Keltson, known by others only as “The Mirror”, is a mysterious man shrouded by a mask. Keltson’s goal is to make the future better by altering the past. Achieving his goal, however, is highly illegal, and, with every jump in time, he risks being discovered and arrested by the illustrious ITTA.


Lilia is a woman who wishes to be removed from her monotonous life. She aims to save a young girl in the past in order to give her life purpose, and she is willing to break the law to do so.


Bianka lives in the past as a countess. She knows her place in her home until a strange woman arrives and changes everything.


Shattered Snow exceeds all expectations of a fairytale retelling. The time traveling element truly brings a new perspective to the classic fairytale.


This book is perfect for anyone who loves futuristic story telling or new perspectives on old and beloved stories. The plot line is gripping, and the character development leaves the reader feeling as though they, themselves, are a part of the story.


Emily Butler, a senior at Riverton, shared that the novel sounds “very intricate” and continued saying, “It sounds like a mysterious mind altering take [on the original tale].”


Denelle Durling, a senior at Riverton, stated, “I need a new and exciting book to read, and this one sounds perfect.”


This novel was published on January 8, 2019. More information about the author can be found via the following link: (