Normal does not exist

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Normal does not exist

Kyra Bolander, Staff Writer

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Most people would consider themselves normal, and they sometimes accept their little quirks here and there. Everyday, we consider things to be normal unless something out of the ordinary happens, but that’s rare. How we view other people to be normal is another concept. Humans, as a species, tend to group together based on their hobbies, style, and even social class. There are two sides of the spectrum, and it includes normal, boring, and extraordinarily weird.


There are sayings, insults, and colloquialisms that define normal for us. Humans created the concept of normality as a drive for control and understanding of the world around them. Humans naturally feel the need to know everything about the world around them and also about what they have created for society themselves. That is where their weaknesses come into play because they don’t realize that their concepts are simply ego-centric. When a person doesn’t understand something, they will create something of their own to complete the problem.


Critically thinking, humans create meaning for things that don’t exist to put a label on everything just to make it so that there isn’t a single thing that is left unnamed. How “weird” or “ordinary” someone is only depends on relativity. One person can be weird according to one person but be fairly normal to another person. People have created a world that revolves around labels.


For example, transgender people in American society today are trying to break the social norm by changing their gender. To some people, this issue is very controversial because of their relative opinion on it by claiming it’s “unnatural” while, on the other side of the spectrum, there are people that are advocating for their right to be themselves because they believe that it’s “how they were born”.


Allyson Swank, junior at RHS, said, “To me, there really isn’t any such thing as normal.”


Rylee O’Brian, junior at RHS, said,  “Normal is when you can go a day without crying.”


Humans, once again, are the species on this planet that will create a productive environment that will also destroy itself. Anything that is prevalent in society is based off of what one person’s perspective on normal is and how they want to change the world to accommodate that normality.