Phil Tuckett: from NFL to college instructor

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

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UTAH — Former San Diego Chargers wide receiver Phil Tuckett went from NFL player to film maker to college instructor.


Phil Tuckett has changed paths many times in his career. Tuckett graduated from Olympus High School as a honored athlete in both football and basketball. He was then recruited to play college football at Dixie State University.


Following his time at Dixie State, Tuckett moved on to play at Weber State University before moving on to the NFL. Tuckett played for the San Diego Chargers as a wide receiver.


While playing for the Chargers, Tuckett, who graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in English, wrote a weekly article for a newspaper. His first published work about his football career caught the attention of Ed Sabol, President of NFL Films.


Tuckett began his accredited career as a filmmaker with NFL Films after being cut from the Chargers. Under the wing of Sabol, he honed his skills.


Tuckett went on to win 30 Emmy Awards as well as a Billboard Music Award.


While working as a filmmaker, Tuckett decided that he was ready for change. The change he was looking for  manifested itself in the shape of a job opportunity at his alma mater Dixie State.


Tuckett seized this opportunity and now works at Dixie State in the film department.


Tuckett regrets nothing about his career decisions and looks forward to his future at Dixie State.


When asked her thoughts on Tuckett’s career changes, Hailey Warne, a junior at Riverton, said, “I would say it’s an upgrade… He can use his brain more.”


Ashtyn Montgomery, junior at Riverton, stated her opinion on the same question by saying, “I think it’s a downgrade because, in my opinion, being a filmmaker sounds a lot cooler than a teacher. I mean, if he’s happy doing what he’s doing, good for him, but I personally wouldn’t want that kind of a downgrade in my life.”