Performers reflect on Battle of the Bands experience

Performers reflect on Battle of the Bands experience

Kaden Smart, Staff Writer

Riverton High’s Battle of the Bands competition is a huge money maker for Silver Rush. All of the students were excited to go rock out, but how did the performers feel?


This year’s Battle of the Bands had many bands who played last year such as: The Next Chapter, Peaches & Cream, Kazookapella, and Nightshade. There were also two new bands: Sick For Sadie and ♭yslexia.


Now cheering in the crowd is easy, but how do the performers feel about being in the spotlight? I interviewed some performers myself to see how they feel about rocking out in front of their peers.


Keaton Hagen is the drummer for Nightshade. He expressed his enthusiasm for Battle of the Bands by explaining that it is “an awesome experience”, and, prior to the performance, he shared that he hoped “it will be as fun as it was last year!”


I also interviewed Brendan Hagen who is the singer and rhythm guitarist for Nightshade. He is the newest addition to the band, and he explained his position by saying, “I’m not too worried about trying to win. I just want to do a good job.”


Ethan Aagard is the drummer for ♭yslexia. He explained that while he was nervous to play, he was also looking forward to it. He explained that his band has “been working really hard and practice every chance we get.”


Jake Mendoza is the pianist for ♭yslexia. He was very grateful saying, “It’s just so awesome that we have the opportunity to play in front of the school, and having all our friend’s support is just the best feeling!” Jake was very excited to share his music with others and is looking forward to doing that at Battle of the Bands.


So while Nightshade played last year in Battle of the Bands, this was ♭yslexias first time performing, and they were both excited to perform regardless of stage experience. The performers explained that one of the highlights of being a musician is sharing your creations to a crowd that is cheering and supporting you. So regardless of experience, playing live is a rush for all of the musicians.


The performers were also excited for the prizes they were competing for. Guitar Center donated a Fender guitar to give away to one of the players along with a $500 cash prize to the winning band. All of the performers were also given free ice cream certificates.