George H.W. Bush dies at age 94 in Houston, Texas

Waylon Finnerty, Staff Writer

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The 41st president of the United States died Friday, November 30th, in his home in Houston, Texas. George Bush steered the nation through very difficult times during his presidency and made a name for himself to the citizens who knew him and the impact he had on the country.


George H.W. Bush was considered to be a highly respectful and gentleman like man according to his family, friends, and people that were close to him. He had quite an exciting life with many experiences and adventures.


Bush was a pilot during the most deadly war in human history: World War 2. George got his wings when he was 19 years old and went on to fight the Japanese in the pacific making dozens of runs and being involved to fight on numerous islands such as Wake, Marcus, and the Marianas.


George said in a statement about his flight experiences that, “It was when I saw the flame along the wing there that I said. ‘I better get out of here.’ I told the crewmen to get out. I dove out onto the wing. I hit my head on the tail, a glancing blow, and bleeding like a stuck pig.” Bush was shot down and barely managed to bail out last second before his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean.


Not only did Bush have experiences in the war, but he also was a part of the first ever college world series for Yale University in the year 1947. He was a first baseman, captain for the team, and was a loving player of the game. Yale went on to be in the second College world series in 1948 but lost to Southern California.


As a young man, George H.W. Bush found a career in the oil industry as a clerk for an oilfield services company. Eventually, Bush would become involved in politics and soon to be President of the U.S.


Bush had successful and very unsuccessful times during his presidency like presidents before and after him. One of the most signature events during his presidency was the Gulf War. Bush ordered U.S troops to Kuwait, and disaster was waiting to happen, but Operation Desert Storm proved to be quiet a success.


During his presidency, the cold war was at the brink of collapse. Bush helped the country navigate the end of this era, after the fall of the Berlin wall.


One of the biggest controversies during his presidency was the federal budget debt. It was at $2.8 trillion in 1990. This is where the famous “Read my lips” statement was made on “No new taxes”.


His presidency ended on January 20, 1993 after losing to Democrat Bill Clinton for his second term in office.


Bush did a lot of great and memorable things in his life. He was a family man, hero, and adventurer in the eyes of many.


Aiden Gordon, a student from RHS, said in a statement that, “George H.W. Bush was a honorable man, and I respected his ambition in the image of life.”