Basketball season has begun

Basketball season has begun

Parker Hansen, Staff Writer

The 2018-2019 Riverton High School Basketball season is underway, and everyone is wondering how the team will do this season.  


In the 2017-2018 season, the team went 18-6 overall (9-1 at home and 8-3 away). The overall record is fairly good; however, we are now missing several key seniors that helped to achieve that record. Players like Ben Neilson and AJ Nielsen were very important in the teams overall success.


When asked who was the best player not on the team this year Connor Zindel said, “Without Logan Mons I personally think that the team will struggle in their shooting aspect. He was one of the better sharp shooters on the team.”


However, there are players to be excited about this season such as Talin Allred. Talin has been dedicated to the sport for his whole life and wants nothing more than for his team to succeed. He has a great shot outside of the 3 point line and will dunk on anyone who gets in his way.


When asked how he thinks the team will do this year Talin replied, “I think we have a good chance to be region contenders mainly because of our defense. Our defense is hard to get by there for improving our offense with fast break opportunities and more looks to score.”


December 4th is the first regular season game for RHS against Fremont. Only time can really tell how good we will be as the season progresses.