The rising popularity of E-Cigarettes in high schools

Avery Simmons, Staff Writer

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E-cigarettes are becoming more popular among the teens, and Riverton High School students are no stranger to it.


The use of e-cigarettes isn’t completely risk free, and can still cause a lot of harm to a brain that is still developing. Not all teens realise the risk that comes along with vaping some might even think “It’s just water vapor.”


Vaping can cause harm to the brain, the heart, and lungs. The development of the brain is very important during the teen years, but vaping can cause problems with the development.


The nicotine in the juices is addicting and if any person vapes enough they will become dependant on it, and so when they decide they want to stop vaping the withdrawal symptoms will be unbearable causing them to continue to vape.


In 2003-2008 the first successful e-cigarettes came out causing less people to be smoking regular cigarettes. Throughout the years though, e-cigarettes have gotten many upgrades, and started to catch the teen eye because of the colorful advertising for e-cigarettes.


About 75% of high schoolers are using e-cigarettes and the number is rising with the crazy colors and flavors the e-cigarette companies are coming out with. The colors and candy flavored juices are drawing teens in making vaping and the use of e-cigarettes more appealing.


Many high school students think it may be cool to vape, and even more so when it comes to the boys. About two times more boys vape than girls.


E-cigarettes main purpose when created was to help smokers stop smoking cigarettes they were never planned to get adolescents into vaping, and some even got into more intense drugs after vaping.


Many teens who vape, when they first started, had been able to convince themselves that it’s only water vapor that they are breathing in, but over time didn’t mind buying the juices with nicotine in them.


An anonymous student from Riverton High School said, “I think vaping is just a better alternative to smoking and people look down on it even though our parents did the same thing as us, but with cigarettes.”


Audrey Borba, a sophomore at Riverton High School, said, “I think it’s stupid and no one should do it.”