Elon Musk thinks we should work more

Aiden Gordon, Section Editor

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We all know Elon Musk is smart, but exactly how smart is his idea that employees should work 80-100 hours per week instead of a regular 40 hour work week?


Recently the South African entrepreneur tweeted that if people wanted to make a change that they should work for his forward thinking companies. That tweet was later followed by another saying, “There are way easier places to work, but nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week.” As usual with Musk, his tweet is creating a lot of controversy.


His idea will most likely not come to use anytime soon, but it is interesting to think about his idea. Many people can’t imagine working more than they already do, so why would Musk say this?


Once again he went to twitter to explain himself. He said that if you love what you do the hours you work won’t feel that long. While that may be true if you are working your dream job, there are many people who aren’t doing what they love. For example, imagine you are working at a fast food restaurant where you suffer through the 40 hours you work a week, and your manager says you now have to double that to be considered a full time employee. Most people would be furious.


Backlash towards Musk was almost instant, and the support behind it was that it doesn’t matter how many hours you work a week because everything impactful is done by quality of work.


When asked what he thought about Musk’s proposal, Riverton senior Tyson Doyle said, “It is a stupid idea, and it will never happen.”


Let’s say the idea was forced into the workplace. What would change? To work 80 hours a week you would either have to work 16 hours a day, 5 days a week or 11 and a half hours, 7 days a week. Right now most full time employees work eight hours, five days a week.


In response to the proposal, Riverton senior Kobe Benson stated, “I think longer work weeks could be good for the right person, and big companies would probably make more money.”


The health effects of these hours would be crucial. Employees stress levels would increase, their average sleep hours would decrease, and their emotional stability would weaken. Not only would their overall health decrease, the quality of work would most likely decrease. Employees would start focusing on how to get through the day instead of what they are actually working on.


Do you think Musk is crazy for proposing this idea, or is he just looking for new ways to change the world?