Riverton swim looks to top eleven teams at Bingham Invite


Chase Budge, Staff Writer

Riverton swim team is excited to see how they stack up against the 5A schools of the Utah Valley.


With one of the biggest regular season swim meets about to embark in Utah Valley, Riverton is antsy as to how the meet will go. The Bingham Invite will sport many of the top teams from last year’s state meet. Lone Peak’s men and women’s team, American Fork’s women’s team, and Pleasant Groves men’s team will all be worthy contenders for taking home a first place trophy.


“Pleasant Grove is so fast it’s not even fair honestly, I kind of hate that they’re going,” said Luke Sorenson, a Junior on Riverton. With expectations rising, so is the preparation for this titanic of a meet. As always, Riverton looks to be the best, but many are genuinely unsure how this meet will pan out. All any team can really do is remain calm and composed and trust their practices.


New to Riverton this year, three new assistant coaches have been added. These coaches bring a lot to the team and especially in practices and their personal experience. “It’s definitely weird but I actually really like how they’re assigned to lanes. It just makes it easier to improve, makes practices more personal and enhances my accountability I think,” said senior, Jakon Allred.

Each of the new coaches are assigned to lanes to make sure they focus on certain things, designed to not only improve their stroke and overall swimming, but also to prepare for the next meet. The practices and coaches have to go hand in hand or the team won’t reach their goals.


Since this meet is so monstrous is size, they’re separating it into two days. With that said, the break that usually occurs after the 50 free, will be the end of the first day. Then on Saturday, the meet will pick right back up from the 50.