Youth Alive program at RHS

Matthew Drachman, Assistant Editor

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There are many clubs here at RHS, and one of the many is known as the “Youth Alive” Club.  The Youth Alive Club was founded this year and is a new edition to the many student led clubs here at Riverton High.


Youth Alive is supervised by Mrs. Goodrich.  Not too many know about the Youth Alive program, however Mrs. Goodrich was happy to tell the tale.


She went on to say that Youth Alive is, “A club that meets to discuss christian beliefs and does service work in the community.”  She later goes on to talk about how Youth Alive is, “A place where you can talk about your beliefs.”


Now this club was met with some talk of controversy because it was to be a club that was dedicated for Christian beliefs.  Anna Wrigley, RHS Sophomore, stated, “I don’t get why they have to make it religious in the community service. I mean they have stuff at church, I don’t get why they don’t make it more scholastic you know?”


Aubrey Wright, a  junior at Riverton High, said that, “The club should be allowed if it is just a club.  I think it totally should be allowed for folks to join and talk about that stuff.”


Mr Henriksen also pointed out, “Does that mean that we shouldn’t have seminary?”


If you wish to join, go to Mrs. Goodrich and sign up.