RHS vending machines having issues


George Hunter, Staff Writer

Many students at Riverton High School have complained about the food and drink items in the vending machines. They have complained the vending machines don’t give them a wide variety of snacks.


Jonny Madsen, a senior at Riverton High School, said, “I feel like we need more of a variety and more yummier things.”


When he was asked about what kind of snack options there should be he replied, “Maybe like more candy bars or different like chips, like maybe Cheetos or Lays or something.”


He also commented about the drink options in the machines by saying, “I feel like the drinks are good. Good variety. Prices are pretty good but maybe lower the price of the PopTarts down to $1.00, but I feel like they’re pretty good.”


People also want the vending machines that don’t have diet drinks to be open throughout the school day, not just after school. The vending machine is only available after school for students and so is the vending machine with the “good snacks.”


Mr. Henricksen, a language arts teacher at Riverton High School, was asked if he has ever noticed a problem with students using the vending machines during class.  He stated, “I’ve never noticed it, but my room isn’t by them so maybe that makes a difference.”


Students have noticed that their wallets are getting a lot lighter. When the snack you want isn’t available, you have to buy something because you can’t get your dollar back. Students have been really frustrated with the machines because there isn’t that much they can buy, and the stuff students want aren’t available during school hours.