Dez Bryant signs with New Orleans Saints

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Dez Bryant signs with New Orleans Saints

Arianna Palacios-Moran, Staff Writer

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Dez Bryant, former Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, signed a one year contract with the New Orlean Saints on Thursday, November 1st after his long free agency period came to an end.


Bryant first started his career with the Cowboys in 2010 after being drafted in the first round of  the 2010 NFL Draft. Since then, he’s earned three Pro-Bowl berths and was a first-team All-Pro player in 2014.


Despite having 69 catches for 838 yards and 6 touchdowns last year, reports suggest that the team’s owner and VP felt that he wasn’t living up to the team’s expectations.


Bryant was let go on April 13 of this year.


“This was not an easy decision. It was made based upon  what we believe is in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys.” stated Jerry Jones, owner of the team.


That’s his passion. And this team uses some of that passion. It’s not a negative thing.” said Jones.

On the other hand, fans didn’t seem to be happy with the decision made. Many of them believe that it will be difficult to find a player like Dez Bryant.


“I was sad and jealous that he went with the Saints,” complained Caleb Carlos, a die-hard Bryant fan, “he hasn’t even started his first game and he already tore his achilles tendon.”


Fans hope for a speedy recovery and anticipate watching #88 play against his former team on November 29th.