Flu season: Prevention and treatment

Flu season: Prevention and treatment

Keora Anderson, Section Editor

Influenza is a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory system that is most prominent in Utah starting mid-fall and continuing all throughout the winter months.


Due to its high level of contagion, the flu spreads rapidly, but you can help to protect yourself from contracting the flu.


According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are three easy steps to protect yourself from the flu. On their official website the CDC writes out the aforementioned steps as, “Take flu antiviral drugs if your doctor prescribes them… Take every day preventative actions to help prevent the spread of germs… If you have not gotten a flu vaccine yet this season, get vaccinated now – it’s not too late!”


While each of these steps are highly important in their own right, the greatest way to protect oneself from the flu is to be vaccinated.


In the article entitled “How to prevent the flu”, writers of Web MD state, “Experts say the single best way to avoid the flu is to get the flu shot as soon as you can. The ideal time is early fall. But any time during the winter is fine if you haven’t already done it.”


Even with one’s best efforts, the highly contagious nature of the flu can result in you contracting the infection.


Once contracted, the flu presents symptoms. These symptoms can include:

  • Fever of 100.4 F or higher
  • Headache
  • Persistent, dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny/stuffy nose or nasal congestion
  • Body or muscle aches, fatigue, or weakness
  • Chills or sweats


After flu symptoms are presented, treatment can begin. While there is no cure-all, there are steps that can be taken to ease flu symptoms. These steps include:

  • Rest
  • High intake of fluids
  • Treat aches and fever with medication
  • Treat cough with medication
  • Open airways and ease congestion via humidifier/steam
  • Visit the doctor and as for a prescription antiviral


The only thing left to do after treating yourself is to protect others.


You can protect others from catching your virus by:

  • Avoiding close contact with others
  • Staying home
  • Disinfecting things after you use them
  • Cleaning your hands
  • Covering your mouth when coughing


Being protected during the flu season requires preventative action.


Protect yourself and your loved ones by practicing healthy habits that limit exposure to infections.