Kyra Bolander, Staff Writer

Arctic monkeys has been known throughout the world of music as successful, in a sense. They have released six studio albums since 2002, and have won 7 Brit awards, 1 Ivor Novello award, 20 NME awards, and countless nominations. Who doesn’t like to put on the calming, melodic sensations of The Arctic Monkeys?


They just recently released their newest album this year titled, “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino”, and there has been so many mixed reviews on it. Some dubbed it as “boring” while others quite enjoyed it.


This review on the album is a positive one, because I myself personally enjoy the trances of music in every way, shape, and form.


The Arctic Monkeys have become most commonly known after their release of AM. Their new album Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino is not in any way similar to their previous album, but it still has enticing qualities.

They have the same vibe as if one were to be sitting down in the living room in the era of the ‘20’s. They have the class that none of their previous albums could amount to.

The song “Batphone” has the dramatic effect of being transported to another reality. One where anything can happen, and the inspiration is overwhelming.


The song “The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip” is quite eccentric in its title, but don’t let that fool you. The song itself is smooth, relaxing, and all around fun. The playful riffs run through the listener’s chest and birth a muse of influence.


There has been other reviews on this album, and their opinion about it is supposedly “boring”. That is a tough one to argue with because it depends on the depth of the meaning of music to that particular person reviewing the album.


On a personal note, music isn’t judged on quality by how upbeat or catchy the songs are. Music is just an expression. If music isn’t meaningful to the artist themselves, then the music wouldn’t be meaningful to anyone else. That is how this album presents itself.


It is a true self expression of the past experiences Arctic Monkeys has been through, and how they perceive the future of music. They don’t conform to any trend or popular method. They do what they like and what they want.


Kitty Empire from The Guardian says, “Alex Turner has taken his muse off into space.”

Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino has been an underrated album, but a lot of modern music is various and there are so many different genres that people are into. This album is worth a listen to if anyone is interested in Indie music and a small whiff of Jazz.