Celebrity endorsements in elections

Celebrity endorsements in elections

Keora Anderson, Section Editor

Celebrity endorsements could be altering poll numbers and overall voter turnout, but many question the validity and value of celebrity opinions.


Customary in every election are celebrity endorsements. These endorsements are created when a celebrity publicly states or shows their support for a specific candidate.


This year’s midterm election saw many celebrity endorsements. These endorsements came from many well known names such as: Taylor Swift, Mark Ruffalo, Meryl Streep, Ludacris, Oprah Winfrey, and many others.


Celebrity endorsements are a hot topic for debate. These debates surround the endorsements’ effectiveness as well as whether or not celebrities should make these endorsements.


It is argued that an endorsement from a celebrity can make a campaign. A celebrity endorsement can help a candidate by: providing a familiar face/name for voters to associate the candidate with, pushing the candidate to demographics that they would not normally be associated with, and creating a direct path for a voter to vote for a candidate while neglecting to do any further research into that candidate.


Mr. Schaber, teacher at Riverton, shared his opinion on celebrity endorsements by saying, “I think I have no problem in the bounds of fairness.” He continued to question the endorsements’ validity by saying, “I don’t think they have much bearing.” To help prove his point he cited the 2016 election where many celebrities endorsed then presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who ended up losing the election.


Josh Lund, senior at Riverton, stated his opinion of these endorsements by saying, “I think they are bad.” He explained that celebrity endorsements create mindless voters meaning voters that will support the endorsed candidate without question or further research. Josh concluded by saying, “They are supporting the celebrity not the person being endorsed.”


The varying opinions on this topic create a lasting debate, but it seems like the endorsements are here to stay. Due to their first amendment rights, celebrities are allowed to share their opinions on any topic regardless of whether or not people think they should.


The decision, however, is ultimately left up to the individual voter to follow celebrity endorsements or to avoid them.