Dancing in musicals

Makenna Dibble, Section Editor

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There is singing and dancing in musicals? To some this might be common knowledge, but to others it could be new information. Riverton High Schools’ musical this year is In The Heights. This musical has many dance numbers in it, mostly with the ensemble.


Some of the most dance filled song numbers are: In The Heights, Carnival, and The Club/Blackout. These songs feature the entire cast with one exception: The Club/Blackout. The ensemble is split into two groups, and one of these groups is in The Club/Blackout.


“It’s a very modern musical, and the dancing definitely helps reflect…” Annabelle Durham, a RHS junior who plays a lead in the musical, stated. She went on to say, “…even when we aren’t singing or doing hip-hop rapping, we have hip-hop dancing… and I just think that they really go well together… it was written to have both visual and audio moderness.”


Dancing and singing together can really connect the musical. Mckenna Bailie, a RHS senior who plays an ensemble, explains, “Dance is a way to physically portray how you are feeling on the inside. The music to a dance can also affect the mood which helps the audience get into the mindset of the character.”

Getting into the mindset of the character can help the audience to understand the musical on a deeper level.