Need to know info about roller derby

Avery Simmons, Staff Writer

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It’s not easy to skate, but it’s even more difficult when you’re being knocked down by other people, and that’s exactly what happens in roller derby.


Roller derby is a contact sport on wheels. All players wear the classical 4 wheel roller skates, and all sorts of other gear. The gear that is worn is mostly for protection. All players have to have these items: helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, and skates.


Roller derby is a unisex sport, but is most commonly played by girls. A typical roller derby game lasts about two hours long, and is typically referred to as a “bout”. In a bout there are “jams” each jam lasts 2 minutes long, and during the jam the jammer is trying to score points.


Each team has five members out on the track at once. Four of the team members are blockers, and one of the blockers is a pivot. The jammer is the person who scores point, but if they simply can’t skate anymore they can pass their star helmet cover to the pivot, and the pivot will become the jammer.


The jammer will not score points their first time through the “pack”. The pack is all of the blocker lined up in two rows of four. After the jammer makes it through the pack and around the track once then they will start scoring points everytime they get through the pack.


In junior roller derby there are different levels to be on. Any level 2 or below will not participate in any hip checks or accelerated blocks. All level 3 or higher will be participating in all levels of maneuvers.


Events range from scrimmages on fridays to holiday events. Most roller derby teams also have a travel team which will typically have 20 people on it. The travel team will face other teams for in and out in state.


Practice for Wasatch JR. Roller Derby is every sunday. The team will take a month long break in the winter and in the summertime. In August there are tryouts for the travel team which is also known as the advanced team.


After being asked “Do you know what roller derby is, and if so what do you think of it?” Audrey Borba a sophomore at Riverton High school said,”Yes, and I think it looks really cool to knock people down.”


Emerald Ceneca a sophomore at Riverton High school said, “I want to do it I think it looks really fun…… it’s 10 out of 10 fam”