Homework overload: students quitting extracurriculars

Abbey Walker, Staff Writer

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Many students are quitting their extracurricular classes such as band, choir, and orchestra because they have too much homework from other classes.


These types of classes often require time spent outside of school practicing and attending performances for the group. Several students claim they don’t have the time to spare because of other class work.


Mr Weimer, the band and orchestra director at Riverton High School, says that,”Teachers are assigning too much homework, and it’s making students quit my classes.“


Performance based classes like band, choir, and orchestra are important because they teach students specialized skills like reading music and performing in a group.


Studies have shown that being able to read music helps students in other aspects of life. Students who are able to read music have a different outlook on studying and reading. These classes are also a great way to improve social skills, and also provide a place where students can feel safe and accepted.


Band president Amanda Roberts says that, “Having a ton of homework when band concerts come around makes it super stressful and I feel like I don’t have enough time to do it all.” Often times students skip out on doing assignments because they simply don’t have time between performances.


In performance based classes, the concert is everything. If you don’t go you will fail the class. Many students stay up extremely late to finish assignments after concerts. Eden Nordfelt, a Junior in the Riverton wind symphony, claims that she once stayed up until “3 in the morning” to finish homework after a band concert.


Trying to balance extracurriculars with loads of homework from other classes is challenging for students to do. The teachers of these performance classes wish for other teachers to assign less homework so the students can succeed in multiple aspects of learning.