Community pays tribute to Lauren McCluskey

Community pays tribute to Lauren McCluskey

Arianna Palacios-Moran, Staff Writer

Utah Jazz Player Donovan Mitchell pays tribute to the student athlete that was shot on campus at the University of Utah on Monday, October 22nd by wearing red shoes with her name on them.


The sneakers Mitchell wore were red, and had Lauren McCluskey’s name written on them.


After the game the basketball player talked about issues related to domestic violence, and how he believes that people should encourage women and girls to speak up when they are going through a tough situation.


“For women to be scared to say something is not something we should be promoting,” stated the athlete.


Mitchell, along with the students from universities across the state, wore red to honor Lauren McCluskey.


Students from the University of Utah held a vigil to honor McCluskey and chose to remember her as an incredible student, sister, and friend.


Many of her peers also stated that they didn’t want her just to be remembered as a tragedy, but instead for all of the things that she had achieved.