RHS Debate Team Competes at the Hunter Haunting Tourtament

Sean Christner, Assistant Editor

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On Saturday the 27th, the debate team will be participating in the Hunter Haunting tournament which is the final debate using the current resolutions for LD and PF.


The Hunter Haunting is the second competition the Riverton Debate team is going to compete in. The first competition seemed to go well with all of the novice teams leaving with high hopes. Another boost of morale was when the novice Policy team took first in the competition.


The team has been focusing on practice as well as a big focus on the structure of their arguments. They have also been focusing on the credibility of there speeches going over where to find sources and quote them in your argument. This has risen the moral of the LD team who used these new tips and knowledge to help them start to shut down arguments. This helped all of the teams during the practice rounds that were held on the 24.


The Hunter Haunting was attended by a small fraction of the competitive team, but as LD Captain Matthew Drachman stated, “We definitely got on our feet. A good punch of reality for the team.” and the whole team had a pretty confident feeling after their many rounds. Since Girls Preference was the same day, over half the team left early to go to the dance.


Even though the debate team has been very active lately with a lot of events and activities, many students still do not know that this team exists such as G, who did not want to be identified personally, who stated, “Yes I knew there was a debate team, but I didn’t know how to start or what they are doing.”