What the Wolf Buddies club is

Sean Christner, Assistant Editor

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There are many clubs here at Riverton High school that many of the student body know about, such as Ping Pong Club, HOSA, DECA, and Skills USA. Under these major clubs there exists smaller clubs such as Wolf Buddies, which recently, on October 4th, had their first meeting in the tech atrium.


The first meeting of the club was a get to know you activity with time being allocated for everyone interested in joining to introduce themselves to everyone else. After the group was going to get to know each other, the activity was going to be in full swing with two small games that were played while the entire group “ate food and drank soda while participating,” as club advisor, Mrs. LeBel, explained.


The Wolf Buddies did various activities through the whole meeting, mainly bowling, as well as a game called Monster Toss. At the end of the day, they showed off a powerpoint that outlined what the club was about and what was expected from every member while they were a part of the club.


The club went through the powerpoint at the end with the general gist of the club’s purpose. “This is a place where you can come and form lasting relationships and have a fun time while doing the club activities.”


The Wolf Buddies Club mainly wants you to know that they are open to new members and you can join to become one of the many buddies that are involved already.