How to deal with stress

Kenna Dibble, Section Editor

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Stress is a subject we can all relate to far too easily. Life is full of stresses and we don’t always know how to handle them or how to not feel overwhelmed by them. Well, fear not. Here are some of the best ways to cope and deal with the stresses of high school.


We all struggle with finding time to study and do our homework. It’s completely normal. Making a study schedule will really help to keep our priorities straight in our minds, and will relieve some of the stress off our shoulders. Plus, it gives us a sense of satisfaction when we complete it.


Making time for yourself is critical. Don’t feel bad for taking time off to do things that you enjoy and that make you happy. Being overwhelmed with stress and homework isn’t fun for you or others around you. “For stress, I try to do something that relaxes me like hanging out with friends or playing video games…” Maia Gates, a RHS senior, explains.


Everyone complains from time to time and that’s fine, but complaining about how stressed you are over and over is not good for the mind. The more you complain about it, the more you make yourself more willing to listen to the negativities of life.


Say no to things you can’t handle. Everyone tries to do everything, even though they know they can’t. You’re not a superhero who can be in a million places at once. There is no shame in asking for help. Teachers, parents, and even other peers could give very good advice on how to deal with stress.


Mckenzie Wagner, another RHS senior, explains what she thinks is important. “I think it’s very valuable to make sure one is taking care of their spiritual and physical needs. For example, a religious student may find prayer scripture calming, while a non religious student may enjoy yoga and meditation…” This goes along with taking time for yourself.


Being you and happy is what will make your school year as stress free as possible.