What the Jazz should expect this year

What the Jazz should expect this year

Ryan Garn, Staff Writer

The season opener for the Jazz will show what they got from the preseason games, what they fixed, and if it be enough to win. The Jazz have gotten a lot of national respect which led them to be picked by several to finish fourth in the Western Conference.


Their next opponent, Golden State, could mean problems for the Jazz; However, the Jazz have been pretty good with Rudy Gobert, defensive dominance covered, and Donovan Mitchell’s great maturation. They may stand a chance.


There are a lot of good players on the Jazz. If they work hard and keep their groove, it can mean big trouble for future opponents.


The Jazz have pulled off some really amazing wins. This year, they have really good chance, but that means they need to be on there “A” game. Last year, the Jazz earned  the fifth seed last year in the playoffs. We all have to wait and find out what they got.


The Jazz really do have a lot to prove this season. If the Jazz can pull together and play the best of their abilities, we could have a championship worthy team here.


“The Jazz is an amazing team, they have a long way to go but they will get to the championship.” Said a Riverton High student.