Battle of the bands starting preparations for show in December


Kaden Smart, Staff Writer

Recently posters were hung up in the halls of Riverton High promoting battle of the bands that will be happening later this year during Silver rush.


Battle of the bands is a Riverton High tradition where student bands come together and perform while being graded by a panel of judges to see which band is best.


The winners receive prizes and are able to move on to the region competition.


This year the battle of the bands will be held in the school auditorium on December 7th.


Battle of the bands is looked forward to by the student body as well as the performers, it’s a fun and unique atmosphere. Tyler Bradford said,  “Battle of the bands is pretty cool, it lets guys compete and compare their music.”


The rules to enter are simple, you must have at least two people in your band and half of the band must go to Riverton High, nobody over the age of 20 is allowed to play in the band.


The bands will perform one original song of their own creation, and one cover song of their choosing. Each band has ten minutes to play their set.


Last year there were seven bands that competed, including last years winners, Peanut Butter Octopus. They played everything from soft country to loud heavy metal.


The audience was allowed to get up to the stage, jump, party and sing along with the songs being played up front.


Josh Harley, a bassist who performed last year, described the excitement at last years performance, “the crowd last year was bumping. We had people rushing the stage after our last song.”


Josh Harley also stated how excited he is for this years competition, saying, “I’m really excited to play again, this year being my last Silver rush and potentially my last gig as a band.”


All proceeds for the Battle of the Bands will go towards Silver rush.