WL Derby: Everything epicly American in one place

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WL Derby: Everything epicly American in one place

Arianna Palacios-Moran, Staff Writer

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The 1st annual Wreck League Demolition Derby took place on Friday, October 6th at the Andy Ballard Arena in Draper, Utah. With 3 tanks, 2 LAV’s, 2 Jeeps, 1 Helicopter, and 30 cars, they came out to have some fun and show appreciation to our veterans.


The derby kicked off with the sponsors and drivers riding on top of the tanks and LAVs. The drivers and sponsors introduced themselves and the MC got the crowd started up as the tank drove through the mud filled arena.


You obviously can’t start such a patriotic event without paying tribute to our wonderful flag with our National Anthem. The lovely Eva Bromley had the honors of singing the Star Spangled Banner while riding on a tank because… ‘Murica.


For the opening ceremony, the GoPro Bomb Squad made an appearance with Marshall Miller and another brave jumper dropping in from 5,000 feet in the air from a Helicopter provided by Wasatch Heli. Marshall Miller, a GoPro athlete, has had plenty of experience with jumping from planes so evidently landing on the horse derby track was a piece of cake. On the other hand, the guest jumper that also dropped with Miller was on his first jump! “He’s coming in! We believe!” exclaimed Richie Wirthlin, MC of the night.


Following a nerve-wracking jump, the crowd was pretty pumped for what was to come next.


First up was the limited weld which were the least sturdy cars. All cars came in and circled each other. Each had a unique name and design. The first round lasted about a hour with the drivers refusing to be the first ones out due to the faulty engines. The drivers went at each other before the majority broke down. However, with the last three cars remaining, the pressure was on.


When the mud chase was over, only two of those cars remained standing and the other one flipped upside down.


Since the crew needed time between limited weld and full weld, so luckily, the crowd got to watch a tank turn an SUV into a pancake.


“America…” said Korbyn Sorensen, student at RHS. As for those that were fire squad, they thought it “looked so cool being up close to it” because of how the tank annihilated the SUV.


After a smashing time, it was the moment for the full welded cars to shine.


There were still two of the limited weld cars that remained standing after the first round and they were added to the final round. Evidently, everybody knew who would be the first to go.


The drivers were definitely more aggressive during the final round, given the fact that there was no rules. Sadly, the cars ended up getting stuck in the mud and it left them unable to wreck each other as much as the crowd expected. However, it was entertaining watching the drivers destroy each other when they had the chance.


The derby concluded with the hosts showing the appreciation to all of the sponsors that made the first Wreck League Demolition Derby possible and, of course, all the veterans and families that came out to have a good time.


On their official Instagram, The Wreck League Derby said, “So grateful for everyone that came out and supported the Wreck League Derby and our military! It was really cool seeing our military and community come out and have a good time. We had a great time!”