Summer is coming! Here’s What Not to Do

Jaiden Beckstead, Staff Writer

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June 1st = freedom. Finally after 9 months of hard, laborious work, it is coming to an end. No more homework. Late nights, dark skin, and good vibes are in all of our near futures.

It sounds like paradise, and it’s sure nice to think about, but don’t let your daydreaming distract you! School is still going – and although it may seem like it’s lost its value, and is no longer worth putting effort into because summer is so close – school is more than important than ever.

AP testing, SAGE, finals and final grades are currently going on, and have a big impact on your grade.

“I hate how all the big tests are at the tail end of the school year because I feel like a lot of people lose interest around the end,” Jessica Zavala, junior at Riverton High, tells me.

You’re almost done, so don’t give up yet! Although it may feel like it’s dragging, it will go by fast, the number of A days and B days are down to single digits.

“It makes me happy to know that there’s only 8 A days left in the school year, I hate A days,”  Katelyn Case, a Riverton High student, tells me.

Finish this school year knowing that you gave everything you had all the way to the end, you won’t regret it!