Real Talk with Toya: Senior Prank


Marimee Jules, Staff Writer

Real talk with Toya is a column understanding the challenges, rights of passage in the life of our millenials at Riverton High School.


Seniors, we all went to that Senior Assembly that explained all the events that will be going on for the Seniors in the end of April and the whole month of May. It was overwhelming to say the least! Most of us were to busy filling out our nominating papers to pay attention. Suddenly Mr. Hagen mentioned Senior Pranks. He went “blah blah” about not doing illegal things or anything that would call for a major clean up. As he listed some of the pranks that were done the students clapped in excitement and approval of those pranks.


Last year two seniors, who will remain nameless, rode dirt bikes through the hallways making enough noise to catch everyone’s attention. Those kids didn’t walk on graduation and got charged for disregarding public safety and disturbance and whatever else they can think of.

Mr. Hagen stated that, “ I got cameras everywhere! We will find you.”

After his relentless rant he gave a suggestion of a  “good” senior prank that happened the one year where kids did a senior campout/breakfast in the parking lot. It definitely annoyed the Juniors before the parking lots was packed full of Seniors. Mr. Hagen loved the idea and even encourage that this should be done again this year.

Hagen wanted to assist the students in their pranks and said, “You know would be the best way to show me up? Try getting better grades, and staying in school!”


Lizzy Wood would wants the senior prank to, “bring the senior class together.”


There is intel that somebody is thinking about releasing a ton of ladybugs into the school, but its not definite that someone will go through with it because of the illegal consequences that might follow.


Another harmless prank that going around is having the Seniors from different schools switch with the seniors from other schools . Those who are participating are weighing the consequences of their actions and will also remain nameless as well.