Sean Christner, Staff Writer

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The PTA or the Parent-Teacher Association helps connect the parents to the school and give them a voice. PTSA Club is the PTA’s student group that organizes many of the events that happen here at the school as well as doing service projects for the school and community.


PTSA’s list of activities that they organize include student picture day, battle of the bands, reflections, and the various ribbon weeks. PTSA also is in charge of the various awards such as student of the month, or the silver apple award for teachers.


Even though this club is known for all of these major events throughout the school, the club is in the background working behind the scenes as many students not knowing who or what this club is about such as Ryker Booth sophomore Student who remarked, “No, I do not know what that is”


PTSA’s website has more information including a form if you want to join. Some reasons that you should join are: you can gain scholarships, learn more about the social issues that pertain in the school, the various legislation that affects the school, and finally it helps your progress on your silver wolf medallion. Other reasons are that you gain leadership skills and increase school pride.


“Isn’t that club is about helping parents to help with the school and let them know what is going on?” Carolyn Hansen questioned. PTSA club has a lot of influences from the PTA, but they are more about school involvement rather than parent participation.