RHS Arts Department Takes Field Trip to BYU and Springville Art Museum

Erica Olsen, Staff Writer

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On March 7th, the Riverton High School took a field trip to the BYU and Springville Art Museum. Located at these museums are numerous projects done by high school students throughout the school year.

The pieces found in the museums vary between drawing and painting projects, digital and film photography projects, calligraphy, ceramic, jewelry and sculpture projects.

The pieces that are chosen for the high school art museums are selected based off school and art category. Each high school sends at most two projects from each category in the art department. Although many pieces sit in the museums, not all are accepted.

Riverton High School, among all the others, provided an optional field trip to see the museums for students involved in each section of the art department.

RHS Calligraphy and Photography teacher Jennifer Riley says that the Springville Art Museum is a “cool experience for the students to see their hard work being displayed for everyone to see.

Riverton High’s Drawing and Painting teacher Robyn Harris says that “It’s fun to see what all the other students involved in the art departments at other high schools have created throughout the school year.”

Riverton students were bussed down to the Utah County museums in the morning, and returned at the end of the school day.