Record revoked after 35 years

Sean Christner, Staff Writer

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Guinness Book of World Records has recently revoked the world record for the 1982 video game dragsters fastest time. The previous holder Todd Rodgers had the record revoked on accounts of faking a current speedrun. The current time Todd Rodgers had submitted was 5.51 seconds: this was the fastest for 35 years with little opposition.

The record was considered legitimate for years until Twin Galaxies, the companie who gave Todd the record, looked back at the evidence and a current member of Twin Galaxies Dick Moreland saw that it was physically impossible to get a time faster that 5.67. They then asked Todd Rodgers to recreate his time on footage.

Todd agreed and arrived only to blame the controller and failed at proving his record. This brought on the investigations that Twin Galaxies eventually took part in that lead to the eventual conclusion that the record was physically impossible.

By this point Guiness World Record had awarded him a world record to add to his speedrun record back in 1982. When Dick Moreland came forward with the evidence and showed it to the record officials they sadly took Todd’s award. Activision the game company that made dragster finally announced that Todd’s record is false.  Todd gave up the prestige, but the big thing that is going to happen is that all the records that he has ever submitted are void now as will any future records this exposure has ruined his reputation and it can not be repaired.

We asked some student their opinions on the records being revoked for cheating and how they would react. Carolyn Hansen stated, “Yes, because it was dishonest and he should have not done it in the first place.” and Dejan Clay who proclaimed, “Yes, because it was so long ago and you change as you grow up so it would be fair to take it away.”