Reasons Why Dance Is A Sport

Jaiden Beckstead, Staff Writer

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There are many debates on whether dance is a sport or not. I would consider it a hybrid between the sports and art world. Just to explain why I believe it’s a sport, here’s a few reasons why.

Dance can be a competitive sport, just like many others, and dance competitions are just as intense as other sports, if not more. Dancers can perform either as a soloist, a duet, trio, or as a group.

The activity itself is far from easy. Dance requires flexibility, strength, and balance. Standing on your toes with nothing to hold onto, while turning or balancing on one leg while the other kicks your head is not an easy task.

“I feel like dance is so underappreciated and everybody thinks it easy when it’s not.” Kylee Peterson explains to me.

To be a dancer requires a lot of stamina. For other sports you need to be able to run back and forth on a field. For dancers you need to be able to perform 3-4 minute intense routines while making it look as easy as walking to the store.

We gain a lot of muscle. Although we may not be as ripped as some jocks, an average dance warm up calls for things like push-ups and crunches.

If you’re on some kind of dance team, depending on the group, you’ll spend 5-8 hours at the studio after school every day. It’s intense.

Dance is very specific about movement, especially ballet. In ballet you need to be able to perform combinations with a straight spine, ribs in, shoulders down and back, hips squared, toes pointed, feet beveled, legs straight, neck long, eyes up, chin out, and so much more all while needing to remember a long and hard combo and make it look effortless.

Other sports like football will sometimes require the players to take some kind of ballet class to help with their coordination and center of balance on the field.

“My brother had to take a ballet class for a project. Before he took it, he thought it would be easy, but it was kind of satisfying to see him find out how hard it really is.” Emilee Barlow, a sophomore in Dance 3 told me.

Dance is not easy! If you’re still not convinced try to kick your leg to your head, or balance on pointe, or do four turns. It’s a lot of hard work and determination. It’s difficult in its own way.