Red Gerard’s Rough Morning

Jaiden Beckstead, Staff Writer

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On February 11th, Red Gerard swept everyone off their feet during the Men’s Slopestyle Final, easily taking the gold for the American team with a score of 87.16. Not only did he win the first gold medal for America, but he is also the youngest U.S. snowboarder to win any medal, and the youngest snowboarder ever to take the gold home.

Despite his win, Gerard’s morning was hectic. Staying up late watching Netflix the night before, he slept past his alarm. He admitted that he wasn’t used to waking up that early. Supposed to be up at 6:00, it wasn’t until his roommate Kyle Mack came and asked him if he had gotten up yet, he had not. Rushing to get out the door, Gerard couldn’t find his snowboarding jacket. Luckily, Kyle Mack allowed him to borrow his instead. It seemed to be too big for him, but he used it anyways. Mabel Bailey, a sophomore, comments, “That would throw me off! I would be really stressed out and wouldn’t be able to get it back together”.

Although Gerard seemed to have a complicating morning, he easily calmed his nerves and headed out, only hoping to land the run on that windy morning. He explained that he doesn’t usually have a difficult time relaxing before a competition, he just treats it like a regular day. On top of being able to keep his cool, he didn’t grow up watching the Olympics and is still trying to comprehend the enormity of the games. “I think it’s hilarious that he’s out there, forgetting his jacket, sleeping in late, not really knowing what the Olympics are, and cussing on live television, and he’s still out taking the gold at 17,” Nathan Davis, a senior, laughs.

He began snowboarding at the age of two along with his big brother, practicing at a big course in his backyard. You could tell by the young age of 6 that he was going to be big, and he proved this at this years Olympics.