Slenderman: The Movie

Sean Christner, Staff Writer

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Slender man, a popular online creepypasta myth/story, that in 2012 took the internet by storm, lead to the video game slender: The Eight Pages. This affected popular culture on a grand scale, so it was only natural that following this explosion of popularity, many spin offs or copies of the games algorithm would appear. There was never, however, an official movie because sadly many video game movies do not do to well. Now, in 2018, after the slender craze has ended, the Slenderman movie is scheduled to release on May 18th 2018.

This was really a big surprise because from the way the trailers make it out to seem, the movie is going to show off some of the Slenderman’s abilities that would be a bit too hard to implement into video games. Overall, this looks like it would be a very great horror movie about one of the biggest creepypastas on the internet.

The Slenderman is a creepypasta story which became popularized in 2012 with the first game Slender: The Eight Pages, and with the help of Youtube, Slenderman spread like wildfire, starting what is known as the Slender craze. On Youtube, a famous video series Marble Hornets popularized many of Slender´s lesser known powers. This lead to Slender: The Arrival, which is the last Slender game that brought an end to the freshness of the series. This is where all the main Slenderman concepts finally fell into place.

Even though the craze ended, Sony entertainment decided in 2016 to start writing the Slenderman movie, and now on May 18th the Slenderman movie is set to release. Student opinion about this movie has been mixed, Carolin Hansen exclaimed, ¨It looks scary, and I am excited to see it.¨

On the other hand Mathew Drachman points out, ¨The trailer looks good, but the problem is that you are taking a story that is known for being a game and putting your own plot in and expect it to work.¨