Seven Things That Are A Must Over The Christmas Break

Jaiden Beckstead, Staff Writer

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Temperatures are falling, and soon, the snow will be too. Winter break is a perfect time to get into the holiday spirit. Some ideas may be popping into your head about ways to fill your schedule and make the most of the time off. Allow me to elaborate and elongate your list.

If you love D.I.Y crafts and enjoy visuals, decorating your room is a perfect way to start feeling the winter vibes. Pinterest is full of cute ideas that will provide inspiration. Popular ideas include stringing lights on bed posts or across the walls, adding a miniature Christmas tree, and filling the air with holiday scents.

If you are more of an auditory person, put together a fun Christmas playlist, which can be played at any time. If you prefer pop versions of Christmas classics, take time to listen to Sia’s new album “Everyday Is Christmas” or Ariana Grande’s 2015 EP “Christmas & Chill.” YouTube has some holiday playlists that are already put together.

Whether baking is your thing or not, making holiday cookies with your friends is very fun and a perfect way to spend your time in the toasty indoors on an especially cold day when frost frames the windows. All you have to do afterwards is pair it with some eggnog.

Winter wardrobe is most girls’ favorite thing to put together. If holding a steaming coffee or hot chocolate in one hand and bags from your favorite stores sounds like the perfect way to spend a day on break, I suggest the City Creek Mall. It’s up to you to decide on whether going alone sounds better than being with friends.

If you’re more into being around big groups, hosting a Christmas party may be the event that gets you on everyone’s future invite list and on your crush’s radar. Don’t forget the festive decorations!

Sounds high maintenance? What about cuddling with the fireplace on, while watching Christmas classics? “Elf” is highly popular and a perfect comedy to get you in the holiday mood. Other high rated films include “A Christmas Story”, “Home Alone”, and “Polar Express”.

A really popular attraction this time of year is the temple lights in downtown Salt Lake. It is fun to be able to get out of the house and walk around and enjoy visuals. It is also a really good place for a photoshoot if you’re that type of person.

As I went around the school, I asked a couple students what they liked doing during the break. Jessica Zavala, a junior, told me that her favorite things to do during the holiday are, “Temple lights, making gingerbread houses, decorating your tree with Christmas music, going Christmas shopping, and watching Christmas movies,” “Jamming to Christmas music, doing service, watching cheesy movies, hot chocolate and pajamas, and photoshoots,” are just a few of Mabel Bailey’s favorites.

Whether Christmas is your favorite time of the year or not, it can be a fun time to really get out and help someone in need, spend time with friends, laugh with family, and take time to breath and step away from stressing midterms. These are just some ideas to get the gears in your head turning. Happy Winter break!