Riverton’s Madrigals Are Truly Iconic.

Allie Harvey, Features and News Editor

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As most Riverton students know, our music department is constantly raising the bar. The Madrigals are one of the main reasons for the success of our music department. Every time you see them perform, you are guaranteed to be presented with breathtaking musical pieces that will just blow you away. The finesse that is displayed by the Madrigals is otherworldly. But how does an entire group of high school students become so iconic? I mean, obviously, hours upon hours of practice, but I think it’s really easy to give a number to you and have it mean nothing. In order to fully comprehend the level of mastery, I asked a Madrigal myself.

Maia Gates (11) is a super bubbly and genuine girl, with lots of determination and potential. Maia auditioned for Madrigals on accident, thinking that she was just doing a second audition for Acapella, but later found out she made it into Madrigals. Anybody who knows Maia knows she has a voice like pure honey. She works hard in school, and participates in lots of extracurricular activities. When asked about her experience in Madrigals she said, “My favorite part about being in Madrigals is that we grow close like a family, we share the same talent of singing, so we can sing basically whatever we are given. We learn how to make all our unique voices blend together to create something beautiful.”

When I first heard the Madrigals perform, I was at my brothers graduation and I fell in love with their harmonies instantly. Three years years have passed, and a whole new group of Madrigals later, they still sound angelic. Madrigals spend a whole class period every other day practicing songs for upcoming performances. They began practicing for their Christmas Concert in early October, so it’s understandable why their performances are consistently perfection. Besides performances at the school, they frequently do performances off campus. They are often requested to perform at various events in the valley, and most recently have been asked to perform at Temple Square.

Once you comprehend the dedication that goes into the musical group, it is much easier to understand why they’re so good at what they do. They take time out of their busy schedules to figure out how everybody’s voices meld together and then work relentlessly until they are satisfied with the finished piece. If you haven’t seen Madrigals perform more than our school song, I would highly recommend going to one of their concerts in the future. They love what they do enough to sing songs about baby Jesus while everyone else is singing “The Monster Mash”, and if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.