What is Wrestling

Sean Christner, Staff Writer

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Wrestling is an ancient sport that dates back hundreds of years, so what does the sport look like today in Riverton High? If you walk down the halls you will see the old “Join wrestling!” papers that hung on the bulletin boards. Even though weight classes are being determined right now, it still is interesting to know what exactly it takes to be a wrestler at Riverton high school.

It actually sounds pretty simple to be a part of the wrestling team, as Alex Lee points out, ¨the routine is actually really simple we get ready after school, then we do a warm up after that the coaches demonstrate the moves we are learning, then we practice and condition, and that is all to it.”

The wrestling team is actually about to find out their weight classes soon, and after that competitions might come into reality. This is actually kind of a stressful time because the weight classes are decided by how hydrated you are. Which is determined by what color your urine is, if you are not a certain level of hydration you could drop or raise in weight class. As Alex Lee points out, “if you are in the weight class 150 with low hydration you could go up a level, but if you are hydrated you could remain in the same class.” Which is why recently the wrestling practices after school have been a lot less strenuous so that way the team will not become dehydrated so they can stay in their respective weight classes.

If you were ever wondering what exactly the wrestling team is doing at the moment, they are actually about to get ready to start competing, once they figure out their weight classes they can start to train against other people for competition.